Different meanings have been acquired by the term, livery for the past hundred years. The term means handed over, being derived from the French word, livree. It can significantly mean a uniform, symbol or insignia being worn by an individual or being painted on a vehicle or object. The term shows a relationship between people who own livery and those who wear it in French. Those who wear it can be slaves, servants or friends.

In the period when modernism started, the term applies to many things. In London for instance, livery company refers to a guild whose members clothe their servants according to the trades they do. We can also apply this to carriages drawn by horses and vehicles people use to promote their brands.

Nowadays, the term liveree is mostly used in the livery service or livery vehicle in the United States and Canada. Livery vehicle means vehicles available for hire, including taxis and limos. It should be noted that the term does not include other vehicle for hire that are driven by the customer.

In simple terms, livery service has been a term associated with limousine companies that offer their vehicles as well as service of their chauffeur for hire for various occasions.

Although many still associate the livery service business with VIPs and other dignitaries in their societies, most limousine services have stopped making it seem exclusive as the service is made available for the public. It is for whoever wants to have it.

To mention a few, livery service now caters for various clients including, newlyweds, teenagers going to proms, people attending bachelor(ette) parties etc  the service now include airport transport, becoming an alternative to boarding a taxi or driving your car down to the airport. When you compare the livery service to boarding a taxi or even taking your vehicle to the airport, renting a limousine will certainly be the best option for you. The prices of renting a limo are not as exorbitant as you think. The livery service could even be more cost-effective.