Since you are not unaware that technology goes a long way in achieving impressive results in many activities we engage in nowadays, especially event planning and management, we have prepared this article to make you progress more in your business endeavours. In other words, this article is prepared to apprise us with the latest applications and software relevant for event management and planning in the year 2017.

Google Drive

Without Google Drive, your event planning and management is absolutely incomplete. With Google Drive’s document, folders, and spreadsheet, you will be able to organise, manage as well as collaborate on content and ideas. Using Google Drive does not required being too skilled in spreadsheet, so it’s simply for everybody, both novice and master in spreadsheet.


A whole lot of software has been made for event planning but each of the software as a specific purpose it performs. The purposes include: ticketing, survey, polling, email campaign etc. it is apparent to us that setting up time-consuming and also susceptible to mistakes.

With Whoova, Event Management is made easier as it helps you to in time saving as well as prevents money wastage. It also enables you to manage your event in one place. You can achieve this using: the Whoova  mobile event app, event agenda management, speaker management, event registration etc

Even among event organisers, Whoova is the most recognised and recommended as it significantly improves attendees’ engagement and networking. No wonder Whoova got the award for the best event technology in 2016.


Like Whoova Asana, is maintaining a rapid growth in being a standard project tool for project management. The users of Asana have testified to how the tool assists in integration of both task management and project management. Besides the reliable software for desktops that Asana is, it also has a very functional app that you can use on your smartphones. With Asana, both big picture management view and narrowed-in details are enabled.


Trello is very effective in planning most especially if you are into the ‘to do,’ ‘doing,’ or ‘done’ categorisation of activities for event and task management. This enables you as an individual or your team to know the level or stage of the task you about to do or doing. The visual interface of Trello is equally phenomenal as it ensures usability as well as integration features.


If excel is your preference but you still have likeness for something more powerful, then you can go for Smartsheet. Smartsheet is simply very effective than spreadsheet like integration abilities and communication tools. You can also use it to management event budget.


Slack enables you to enjoy enough communications in event. It is simply for those who simply do not need much management but much interaction. The tool allows you to explore. Among the areas where Slack enables interaction is communication among organisers if your team is comprised of many organisers.


Basecamp is among the oldest software for project management. Though is not as strong as modern software, it is still reliable for task management, project management and file-sharing. Bootcamp is also effective if you would love to use it for project progress tracking.