Launched in 2015 in Australia, Illumi Run was created to be exclusively entertaining to everyboy interested in it. The game involves runners getting splattered with neon paint while racing through a racerecourse to generate revenues for local causes.

What is Illumi Run?

Illumi run can be referred to as the ultimate party on the run. It entails lighting the night up as you run through illumi glow water and enjoy captivating music. When the run stops, the fun still continues and the party is filled with music as well as ultimate glow water.

The illumi run is not a competitive one. The person who is running just gets splashed with neon paint as they run through a course. The illumi run is for runners, party lovers, dancers and all fun-lovers.  Every lap has a whole lot of themes that lights the event up. Each lap is comprised of five kilometres running track.

Featuring in Illumi Run is:

Illumi Glow Water

The illumi glow water can be washed clean from the skin. Apart from this, the water is non-toxic. So you should stay as it cannot harm you. The illumi neon glow water shines in the dark under the ultra-violet lights fixed along the racing track. With this a beautiful spectacle of the night is created on you.

Illumi Glow Water

The Illuminators are those that are fixed along the  glow zones and around the race village having glow water with them to ensure that everyone gets drenched and illuminates the night.

Illumi Glow Zones

This involves running or dancing your way through various themed zones but you won’t escape being get soaked with glow water.

Illumi Party

This is the final stage of the Illumi events. At this stage, you all have to party on. The party is ‘garnished’ with music and glow water extravaganza.

Tom Brandy

Tom Brandy is renowned for his event planning role in the Illumi Run event. He is one of the major the fans of Illumi.  Tom Brandy’s skill in event planning is unmatched as he provides us with every needed item including the Illumi –Run customised T-shirt. Tom Brandy has done event planning for Illumi Run across Australia at Brisbane, Aspley, North Lakes and at the Morten Bay Region.

He has also brought a number of people and organisations to have their vacation party with Illumi Run. He is known for being fun-loving and generous with his creativity in design.

Kim Brandy

Kim Brandy is also an event planner. He derives pleasure from the Illumi- Run party. Kim Brandy is responsible for the artistic displays in Illumi-Run party at several regions where this is on-going. As a result of this, Brandy has lived in China, HongKong and in Australia. She is a prominent figure whenever the Illumi Run party is mentioned in many parts of the world. She is also training many youths for the acquisition of skills in arts relevant to the Illumi-Run. She has got a number of awards for her event planning occupation. She is also known for innovation of new ideas in the event planning field. Kim Brandy’s loyalty to the Illumi-Run was summarised in few words as she said, ‘I do not know a fan of what else to be if not of Illumi-Run.’ For Kim,  Illumi-Run is first before any other thing.

How to Plan your Events Using the Best Tools and Software

In everything you are doing, you need good tools to achieve the great thing you aim for in your engagements. To achieve this, this article is prepared to give you information on the best software you need for event planning.

1 BusyConf

Event planning is ultimately an energy and time sapping task even for professionals like Tom Brandy and Kim Brandy. Therefore, the event planners need basic tools to make the planning process easy from managing schedules to creating websites for the supposed attendees.

BusyConf has come to assist as it centres on the early stages of organising events and provides the tools that an event-planner would primarily need to ensure that everything is organised ahead of time. BusyConf also offers you tools to streamline the box office and registration. Thus it ensures you have an impressive turn up when doors event commence.

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2 AppMyDay

The tool provides a means to create a personalized app with the same appearance and the feel of organization. This platform can be used as a standalone app.

End users are given a unified social stream of posts including chats, posts, photos and videos . The organisers can reach real time social analytics to see the way the event is going and direct traffic to where it needs to go.

3 Whova

With Whova the attendees to an event can easily plan their experiences focusing on meeting contacts and using their opportunities to partake in the right sessions and channels. There is a built in system in the app that enables attendees to network ahead of time and offers an overview of important attendees’ profiles. Before the event starts, the app allows guest schedule who to meet and start networking.

Other event planning software you could be interested in include: DoubleDutch and eventScribe.


Party Bus

What make the Illumi Run party a unique? The party organises party buses for the attendees for their journeys to the party and back to various bus stops where each of them was picked. The party bus is also called a limo bus, party ride, party van or luxury van. It is a long vehicle usually derived form a normal bus or coach but redesigned to carry up to 10 or more people for recreational purposes.

In South Australia, there are age limit laws for buses that have more than 13 seats. Customised buses are also good to go for the Illumi-Run Party. Click here to find out more about the different types of limousine hire service in Brisbane.